Greetings! My name is Tahiyya Martin. I am honored to have you here.

Welcome to Crimson Wellness

Tahiyya Martin is the founder of Crimson Wellness LLC. Growing up Tahiyya always wanted to be a teacher. She loved to play pretend teacher with her stuffed animals and dolls giving them lessons in math, reading, and life as she knew it at the time. Then life happened and she experienced her own emotional pains. After going through her own journey of healing, and still on the journey, she wanted to give back to others and help others through their healing and transformation process through teaching.

Tahiyya loves teaching others how to achieve their holistic wellness goals and wanted to create a platform to do so. In addition to creating a platform that focuses on the mind, body, spirit and soul she decided to get trained in energy healing, mind body therapies, yoga, EFT tapping, elemental healing, sacred sexuality, and other healing modalities and focused on assisting individuals with doing healing work starting with the root chakra. This is how the name Crimson Wellness was created (crimson is a color associated with the root chakra).

Tahiyya has MA in Human Services: Marriage and Family and MS in Marriage, Couple, Family Counseling. Tahiyya has worked in the mental health and substance use field for more than ten years. In addition to providing integrative wellness services at Crimson Wellness, Tahiyya is a licensed clinical mental health therapist in North Carolina.

Tahiyya lives in Charlotte, NC with her husband and children.

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