Crimson Wellness offers wellness coaching services to individuals ready to trust the process and move towards wellness while utilizing complementary alternative therapy modalities. We specializes in holistic wellness of mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

Our wellness coaching service at Crimson Wellness is ideal for those looking to start their journey of healing and wellness using alternative modalities such as energy medicine, yoga, meditation, and mind body techniques.

Our ideal clients are those who have challenges such as anxiety, depression, lack of energy, uncertainty in the direction of life, and experiences of disconnection with self and others. Our ideal clients utilize alternative modalities to promote balance, relaxation, awareness, satisfaction, and wellness.

We strive to work collaboratively with all your providers to embody the holistic approach.

Individual Coaching

Crimson Wellness offers individual coaching as part of our Integrative Wellness Package or an add on to any of our other services.

Intuitive Vision Mastermind

Crimson Wellness offers special coaching for the individual that is stuck and unable to see what lies ahead. The Intuitive Vision Mastermind is ideal for the client that is having creative blocks in their personal or professional life, unable to identify their niche or specialty, looking to find their purpose or passion, need support with bringing an idea from dream to reality. The intuitive vision mastermind includes an intuitive session, energy reading and healing and coaching. The focus of the energy healing is the brow, solar plexus, and sacral chakras. Coaching provides support and guidance to establishing the tools you need to create a plan and then putting the plan in action. The rest is up to you.

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Group Coaching

Crimson Wellness offers group coaching for individuals who have already have a goal, know their blocks, and are ready for the solutions. In the group coaching the experience is more structured as it provides more education and teaching. You get opportunity to build community with other individuals as well as give and receive support. There is a 6 week commitment for the group coaching as each 6 weeks is a different topic.

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She Heals®️

She Heals®️ is a community where women can receive support in healing, recovery, self discovery, and wellness. We work with women who are committed to maintaining their healing and recovery in codependency, disordered eating, perfectionism, grief/loss as well as needing support with self discovery and awareness. Our coaching utilizes a solution focused approach as well as complementary therapy modalities that focuses on calming and relaxing the mind and body. In a 1:1 session the focus is solely on you as we explore potential goals, identify steps, and create a plan of action.

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