Krimson Kidz

Krimson Kidz is our brand for children ages 3 to 14 years. Krimson Kidz focus is to teach spiritual wellness using reiki energy healing, yoga, meditation, and tapping that is age appropriate. Krimson Kidz allows our young children (3-9) to have fun while embracing their spiritual selves. Krimson Kidz allows our older children (10-14) to find their inner selves and access understanding and acceptance.

Yes kids do need spiritual wellness!

Here at Krimson Kidz we believe that kids should be introduced to self care, spiritual wellness, and relaxation just like the adults. Our kids are going through experiences in which they need to find healthy ways to deal. Reiki, yoga, and meditation are safe ways to facilitate the relaxation and calmness that one needs.

Krimson Kidz offer a monthly meetup for kids to get together and enjoy self care in the form of arts and crafts, yoga, meditation, and fun. The meetup will return Fall 2022.

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