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Best Mental and Behavioral Health Provider in North Carolina

Welcome to Crimson Wellness, LLC, your trusted community-based mental health provider in Charlotte, North Carolina!
At Crimson Wellness, we are committed to enhancing mental health and well-being in our local communities. Founded in 2019 by a dedicated group of mental health professionals, we recognized the ...

Community and Diversity

At Crimson Wellness, our commitment to community and diversity is at the heart of everything we do. We understand that mental health impacts individuals from all walks of life, and we are here to serve a diverse range of clients.
As a black-owned and female-owned organization, we take pride in our cultural ...

Life can become overwhelming, which can affect how we interact with others including ourselves.

Addressing the source can help you in healing old wounds and returning to your true self.

Here at Crimson Wellness we believe in a healing process that is collaborative, supportive, and integrative. We focus on the whole self to help you. Crimson Wellness offers counseling and community health services.

“To be whole is to feel whole. To feel whole is to be whole” — Anonymous.

Our Approach

We want to know your story. We don’t see you as broken.

We believe in the power of relationships and authenticity.

We strive for evidence-based practices. Our role is to support you in living your meaningful story, not to get your therapy “right.”

We believe that suffering is part of all of our shared stories and can be a powerful agent for change and meaning if we can create space for it.

We live as if having the ability to change one small detail right now will help us change the scenes and actions that keep us stuck and prevent us from living out a life that means the most to us.

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