Integrative Mental Wellness Practice

Energy Healing

Energy Healing provides relaxation and calming of the body as well as bring restoration, rejuvenation, and improvement of the overall health of the body. Energy Healing is used to restore the balance of energy in the body that will also assist in facilitating healing.

Mental Wellness Support

Counseling is a collaborative effort between the client and the therapist to identify goals and solutions to challenges and/or unresolved issues.

Community Health Services are services that are provided to the community through programs designed by the state.

Krimson Kidz

Krimson Kidz is designed for spiritual wellness of children. Krimson Kidz offer energy work, meditation, and yoga to provide as tools for stress management, behavioral strategies for focusing, calming, and foster improvement of the overall function of the body. Monthly Meetups are provided to provide space for creativity, connection, and learning.

Mind Body Healing

Mind Body Therapy consists of therapies that allow the body to connect to the mind for bottom up healing. Yoga, meditation, and somatic practices are used to facilitate healing, relaxation, calming, connection to oneself, and improvement of overall functioning.

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